Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Longing to Be Gracious

As what the world and the Church call Easter approaches, the thought of grace seems to be forefront on many minds. After all grace was what happened on that hill of Golgotha so many years ago, right?
Grace is what saved me from my sins, right?

So just what is this GRACE that has everyone so excited, thankful, and in a Church building on Easter Sunday morn?

That is exactly what we are going to tackle here everyday until the wonderful Resurrection Sunday (aka Easter) arrives.

So let's look at what Isaiah has to say about the subject:
Isaiah 30:18
Therefore the Lord longs to be gracious to you, and therefore He waits on high to have compassion on you.

Do you grasp what that says? God LONGS to show grace to us. He waits to have COMPASSION on us. The Creator of the universe, God almighty is waiting and longing to be gracious to me. That totally blows my mind.

So how does that look?
Everyday I have air to breathe, sun or rain, a world that orbits like it is supposed to, no matter WHAT I DO.
I do not have to worry that the earth will stop spinning on its axis. I do not have to worry that the sun will stop shining. God's grace and compassion has provided all of that for me.
You see God's grace did not begin at the cross. It started long before that. That is what we are going to explore over the next week or so.
Don't misunderstand. We WILL get to the cross. Our path does not begin there. Nor does the topic of grace end there.

Think about the garden of Eden. God's grace provided everything Adam needed. Including Eve. Ever thought about that before?

A statement by John Piper says: " So even before they sinned, Adam and Eve lived on grace. And God's will for them was that they live by faith in future grace-God's daily, fatherly care and provision."

Grace was around before sin, and remains after our sin is removed.
The following really touched me as I read it and I want to share it with you:

The Father and The Child (from "Becoming A Woman Of Grace by Cynthia Herald)

 The Father Spoke:
Dear child, it is time for you to understand My grace.
Yes, Father; I know little of Your grace.
If you do not begin to comprehend the depth and breadth of My grace, you will not live in the freedom and holiness that I have purposed for you.
I want to live fully as You have intended.
My grace to you came at a great cost, and I desire that you become a woman of grace.
How will I learn of Your grace?
By listening carefully to My Word, drawing close to me in prayer, and allowing My Spirit to teach you. Come, child, let us begin. I long to show you My graciousness.

I hope this walk through the thought of grace will help you to grow, as it as, and continues to help me grow and chase the heart of God.

Chasing Their Hearts,

Glenda Johnson

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