Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fall -A Time to Change

I know it is contrite, but fall seems to be the time of year I find it easiest to make changes in my life.  As I watch the leaves change color and give us a true pallet of beauty, I am inspired. Then, as the leaves change their location, from the branch to the ground, I realize, movement was meant to be.

So, I embrace change with a passion, and bravery like never before…


There are major changes going on in my life and I am scared to death! But I am inspired by my surroundings.

Let me share the “fall” of my life.

My oldest daughter is expecting her second child. We have already been blessed with a 16 mo. Granddaughter from her.  It should be a time of rejoicing. We are trying. You see, she has developed a subchorionic bleed. She is on bed rest, with a 16mo old that means Granny’s house. The change of having more people at our house is not a problem. The waiting and wondering if this bleed will end in a loss, premature labor or placental abruption is the change in my life that has me blowing around some days like the fall leaves.

My husband will also be having 2 surgeries over the next couple of months.  The first one is next week. It is a fairly complicated surgery requiring both a neurosurgeon and an orthopedic surgeon to complete it.  Suddenly, all my fall leaves seem to blowing in a crazy wind storm and I can’t seem to recognize where I am.

So, I am faced with caring for possible 30 more weeks my pregnant daughter and my recovering husband.

Oh, did I add that I home-school 3 other children still at home AND own a business?

Something needs to change. I may be Wonder Woman but I am not God.

So, I now find myself “falling” into some life changing decisions.

1st- I must close my business. My family comes first. Always.

2nd- I have 4 blogs and 2 books that need to be written. I keep complaining I don’t have time because of the time requirement of my business. 

Sometimes changes come about to help us reprioritize our lives.

This fall is my time to change.

I am “falling” into line with God’s will for me. Being a wife and mother are what I am called to be. Writing to encourage those other people God brings across my path can no longer be put on the shelf.

Here’s to change. It can actually be quite pretty, just look out your window…then into your heart.

What do you need to change this fall?

Chasing Their Hearts,
Glenda Johnson

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