Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Funeral and a Wedding

Saturday was interesting. My day consisted of attending both a funeral and a wedding.

I must admit. My first concern was whether there was enough time to get from the funeral to the wedding. If not, at what point could I leave the funeral and not seem uncaring.

My second concern was much more, let's say, vain. HOW do I dress for a day like this?  I was baffled for a little while. Luckily, the wedding was not formal, so I found an outfit that would work for both occasions. (A fabulous pair of heels works wonders!)

The funeral was very touching. The man we were there to remember and honor had lived a long, good life. His family was grieving, but they all knew that he was in the place that he lived his entire life looking forward to, heaven.

I was touched as I listened to his children and grandchildren talk about the life he lived and the ways in which he shaped their lives. They all acknowledged their mother, the grieving widow, also as part of the legacy that this man left behind for his children , grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

It really made me ponder my own funeral. Would my children be able to say that I has left them a legacy of godliness, love and joy? Was I the example of Christ that they needed to see?

I really was challenged to reevaluate everything that I do as a mom and a wife. Not so people will sing accolades to me when I die, but so I can influence my children while I am alive!

Then I rushed off to the wedding. Made it with 10 min. to spare!

It was a beautiful fall wedding. The bride and groom were both young, pure and committed to Christ!
As I watched them commit their lives to God and to one another, something occurred to me.

What I had been a part of at the funeral just a little while before, started 60 years prior at an event not so different from this one. The young couple have an opportunity to begin a legacy right now that will lead to the joy and happy lives that will be shared at funerals years from now.

For them, it starts NOW. I got to share this with them during the reception. It was a blessing.

I am reevaluating my marriage and home life. It can be a new beginning and a chance to make adjustments starting right now.

How about you? Is there anything you need to change or adjust?
It doesn't matter if you have been married 24 hours or 24 years!

2Corinthians 5:17  Whoever is a believer in Christ is a new creation. The old way of living has disappeared. A new way of living has come into existence. 

We can start new each day! We have a God that specializes in new!

Chase God's heart by being the wife and mother that is leaving an honoring legacy!

Chasing Their Hearts,
Glenda Johnson

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