Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Long Way To Go

The are days I wake up and all the problems from yesterday crash down even before I put my feet on the floor. Then almost immediately, the problems I anticipate for today collide with with those of yesterday and  my attitude is in the toilet, before I ever even make to the bathroom.

I will bet that some of you are the same way. Why do we put ourselves through that? Not only ourselves, but how about our husbands, children, friends, coworkers, and everyone else that comes across our path?

Our attitude affects them all.

I cannot control all the situations around me. That is a hard realization from the
"Control Freak Queen"!

I can however change my responses.

I saw a video that made me feel ashamed. Then, the Holy Spirit opened my eyes as to what I needed to change.

The video was of the Haitian people singing praises to God. That might not seem so life changing, except that it was the very night, just a couple of hours after the huge earthquake last week.
Even more amazing is that they did the same thing the next morning, the next evening, and continue to do so.

They did this amidst total devastation, death, and a very uncertain future. Also, while aftershocks continued on a regular basis. And are still continuing.

Humbling to say the least. Life changing.

Do I have problems? Yes.
Are some of them devastating? Yes.

Can I sing and praise God each morning?

The only right answer is YES!

This is the song I have been singing each day.

I am trying to remember that there is nothing yesterday, today or tomorrow, that God does not know about, or is not in control of.

To me, that is


I have a long way to go, to a faith like the Haitians. I desire to chase God's heart like they do!

Will you sing with me today? Tomorrow?

Chasing Their Hearts,
Glenda Johnson 

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