Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sometimes No Words Are Better

Silence is awkward. We just have to say something. So we say what we think should be said. And then, once out of our mouth, we cannot take it back.

Job made a statement that has really touched my heart.
Job 3:26  I have no peace! I have no quiet! I have no rest! And trouble keeps coming!"

I have realized this so acutely, since our family's personal walk in this crisis in Haiti.

To most, it is just what you see on the news.  And we have been there too.

To most, if you turn off the TV, or sign off the internet, the images go way.   Not so for those who have been there and have seen, touched and smelled with their senses.

To most, you would really like to hear first hand from someone who has been there, to hear the STORY.   It is not a STORY to those who have experienced it.

Sometimes, trite, thoughtless comments are extremely hurtful.

In case you have no idea what those are, let me share just a few:

I bet you missed simple things like showers and a bed inside.
I can't wait to hear all your awesome stories.
I am sure you have a lot of sermons and sermon illustrations now.
How are you adjusting to being home?
You are a hero.
I am so glad this crisis is over.

So what can I do for someone and their family who has just returned from Haiti?

Give them TIME to process the incredible things they have just experienced, and that people they love are still living every single moment.

Allow them space to share WHAT they can ,WHEN the time is right.

Remember that the crisis is still going on. It will continue to be tragic and impact lives on a moment by moment basis.

Pray. Pray. Pray.
Give sacrificially when it is asked for.

Love. Agape love. Sometimes love is very quiet and just listens.

Chasing Their Hearts,
Glenda Johnson

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