Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Always in a Hurry!

It started about 5am twenty-seven years ago.
A few contractions, the mucus plug, and then I knew.
Today would be the day.
Almost a month early, but today, never the less.
But, wait, I wasn't ready.
So, I got up, did all the laundry.
Then I went shopping for the things I still needed.
Took my 2 year old to the sitter, and I was almost ready.
My husband, who was a paramedic student at the time, stopped by his office at the ambulance company to let them know what was going on.
After convincing all the medics there I REALLY did not want them to deliver the baby, off to the hospital we went.
6pm. Contractions continued.
I went to the hospital before most people would because, I had my first baby, who was almost 10lbs in less than 2 hours and I did not want to deliver at home!
6:30pm, Nurse: "It is going to be awhile, I think I am going to send you out, go have dinner, go shopping, and come back later tonight."
Me and Hubby (In unison): "This baby will be born on the street!"
7pm Nurse: " I will let you stay for an hour and then I will insist that you go."
7:45pm Me: "Go get the nurse! I have to push!"
7:55pm  Nurse gloving up, (she did not think the doctor needed to be call yet): " Don't push! Don't push! The doctor isn't here yet!"
8pm (as the dr is walking into the room) Me: "I am pushing NOW!"
8:05pm William Ray Johnson was born.
My second son.
The doctor held him up and looked at him and promptly said,"The plumbing works!" As he went to change his scrubs that were just peed on!
Twenty-seven years.
They go by fast. Really fast.
Now that same little, red, born early boy, still amazes his mom.
Grown up, with a family of his own, making me proud everyday.
A preacher, teacher, lover of people, and passionate about the Kingdom of God.
He was in a hurry to born, and today, he is in a hurry to get people connected to Jesus.
I love you Billy.
Everyday you look less like me,
and more like Jesus!

Chasing After Their Hearts,
Glenda Johnson

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