Saturday, October 15, 2011

"I'll Whisper It"

There is a Homecoming Dance tonight.
I asked a young woman if she was going.
After a resounding "NO!" I was a bit confused.

She has a boyfriend.
She is popular.
She has the ability to have a dress.

So I asked why.

She hesitated to give the reason for her skipping out on a very important event in the life of a high school. girl.

I did not push for her answer, but she said, "I could tell you the reason, but it is inappropriate. But, if you want, I could whisper it in your ear."

I said I would love to hear her reason for not going to the dance.
What I heard blew my mind.
And made my heart jump out of my chest.
It also caused me look at this young woman with a new found respect.

Her reason?

" I don't like to have sex with my clothes on."

She chose to stay away from something that she knew would have behaviors that she as a Christian young woman would be uncomfortable with. This is not a statement against dancing. Or even going to this particular dance.

It is however, a statement on standing for WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU INDIVIDUALLY.

Praise God for her strong convictions and not being willing to give in to peer pressure!

And by the way, I informed her that her response was AWESOME not inappropriate!
I can't wait to tell her mom what a great job she has done instilling Godly values in her daughter.

Helps me remember that the time I invest in my own precious daughter is so important.

I challenge all the mommas out there to treasure and care for the beautiful gifts God has given them!

Chasing After Their Hearts,
Glenda Johnson

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