Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Beauty in Fall

I love Fall.
I love the trees and the brilliant colors that I see everyday.
I love my friend Sandy.
She does not like Fall.
As Fall comes, she knows that the dead barren trees and coldness of winter are right around the corner. I believe she grieves the trees losing their leaves and becoming dreary and barren.
I think about her almost daily, and wish that I could impart my love for this time of year to her.
This blog is for her. This week, I have seen Fall very differently, and hope to get her to see things differently.
It actually started with a viewing last week of a beautiful Christian woman who went to be with Jesus.
She was 93 years old. As I looked into the casket, her shell that was lying there, had a smile.
I began to think how beautiful that was.
Death, beautiful?
Yes. Death CAN be beautiful.
Let me explain.
When we give our life to Jesus, we choose to die to sin.
The death of sin in our lives. That is a beautiful thing.
If we have died to sin, then when the time comes for physical death,
then beauty for all eternity comes.
Only after we leave this life and enter eternity, will we really know what beauty is.
But, we must pass through that gateway of death to reach it.
So, there is beauty in death,
IF you are in Christ.
So, as I see the trees, and see the leaves changing colors, watch as the glorious colors shine, as the leaves DIE,
I think about the Christian walk.
If I choose to die to sin, I choose a beautiful life while I am here,
which will lead to a beautiful life eternal when all my leaves finishing falling to the ground, for the very last time.
Death of those leaves makes me hunger for my life that will begin when the season of Fall is over.
Sandy, think of eternal life when you see the leaves falling and know, that one day, in the season of Fall, heaven will be on the other side!
I love you!

Chasing After Hearts,

Glenda Johnson

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