Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Vessel of Grace

Tonight at our ladies Bible Study tonight we looked at the story of the "Prodigal Son" found in the book of Luke.
I was amazed at the openness of the beautiful ladies of our group. 
We all realized that we can be so much like the older brother in the story.
It boils down to lacking grace.
The gift of God that cost Jesus His life.
The gift God longs to lavish on us.
You cannot say you understand and accept Grace, unless
Grace flows from God'
through you,
to others.
My beautiful, honest, authentic women came to the conclusion
that while we might be like the younger son and walk away from God sometimes,
and we might be like the older brother and be judgmental and unforgiving sometimes,
our heart's desire is to be like the father in the story.
To have grace flow from who we are in Christ to ALL we come in contact with.

I choose today to be a vessel of grace, and to pour grace out on everyone I come in contact with, so that I can be like my Father.

Chasing After Their Hearts,

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