Sunday, October 9, 2011

Thankful You Agree With Me

When my husband retired from the State Police he was offered many jobs. He was an expert witness in many things. The opportunity to make a six figure income was right in front of him.

It never even crossed his mind to do anything but go into full time preaching ministry.
He had been preaching as a fill in for many churches for ten years.

A wrestling match between my husband and God had been going on for years.
He had two reasons to not leave his full time job to pursue the ministry.
#1- Insurance Benefits
#2- paying for children's college

God answered those excuses. You see, when he had to retire because he had back surgery, he got medical benefits for him and I for life, and for our children until age 25 or they married. He also received a retirement payment each month that would cover college costs. 

No more excuses!

My man has served God faithfully in pulpit ministry for many years now.
He has a heart for the Lord's people.
He has a heart for those who need to know the Lord.
He loves the Lord's Church and is committed to her mission.

Today, the congregation we are serving, told him thank you by presenting him gifts and cards of appreciation for Minster Appreciation Day.

It is NOT why he is in the ministry.

But, it was a great source of encouragement.
I am very thankful to the loving people of this congregation.

Truth be told, it is the first time EVER in his time in ministry that he has ever been recognized for 'Minister Appreciation Day".

I know he is wonderful, and I know his heart,
it's nice to know that others agree with me.

Chasing After Their Hearts,
Glenda Johnson

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