Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Today is a special day.
Twenty-one days ago I took a challenge.
I was challenged to write a blog everyday for a month.
I have written for twenty-one days now.
It takes twenty-one days to change your behavior and establish a habit.
I am excited that I have been on track to achieve my goal of blogging everyday for the month of September.
In blogging everyday, I have gained a larger audience and the discipline to write each day.
As I have pondered this, I wonder what other new habits I need to form in my life.

I need to lose weight- I need to exercise for 30 min each day for 21 days.
I need to get my basement organized- I need to unpack one box a day for 21 days.
I need to grow in my personal relationship with Jesus- I need to do a personal study for 21 days.
I need to grow in my prayer life- I need to pray for 30 min each day for 21 days.
I need to make progress on the book I am writing- I need to work on book everyday for 21 days.

If I can make a habit of blogging, I can make a habit of these other things too.
I will choose to start praying and exercising for 30 min each day.
I wonder just how my life will be different at the end of the next 21 days.
I will let you know on October 12th!

What will you choose to make a habit of? How will your life be different 21 days from now?

Chasing After Their Hearts,
Glenda Johnson

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