Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Darkness Of Depression


Falling, falling, falling down a dark shaft, unable to see the bottom, unable to stop.
Profound loneliness but afraid to be with people.
Unable to get out of bed some days, other nights unable to sleep at all.
Finding no joy anywhere you look, no activity worth the effort, and yet, so desiring to have a purpose.

The above statements are just some of the ways people describe depression.  There are many, many more, too many to list on this, or any other blog.

My heart breaks for people suffering from the illness of depression. Their illness many times is very misunderstood.
They are told:
"Just get up and brush it off!"
" Look on the bright side."
"Things will get better."
"You could get better if you REALLY wanted to."
"If you loved God, you wouldn't be this way."

All of these statements are untruth. A clinically depressed person can no more, "Brush it off", than a person with appendicitis can take a warm shower to make the problem go away.

I have been touched by depression on a personal level, within my own family, and had many friends who have been affected by this ugly, relentless stalker.

I blog this today to really only say two things:
1. If you are depressed, GET HELP from a health care provider or qualified faith based counselor. Depression is an illness just like high blood pressure, a urinary tract infection or a heart attack! Please, please, please have the courage to ask for help. And know, there are people, like me, who love you.
2. Pay attention to those around you. If someone is depressed, treat them with love, support and respect. Don't judge. The last thing they need is to be rejected by someone who thinks they can cure depression with a simple change of mind. Help walk the person through whatever it takes to get them to the right person for the care they need.

Love like Jesus. Someone's life could depend on it!

Chasing After Their Hearts,
Glenda Johnson

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  1. I've been there myself and depression is ugly.

    I once had a well-meaning friend say to me, "Just get up and do something." I told her I couldn't because it felt like I was chained to my chair!

    And if people know someone who suffers depression, practical ways to help are bringing a meal, running a vacuum, or offering to get groceries.

    I can also testify, depression doesn't last forever. Get the help needed...there is NO SHAME is asking for help!