Sunday, September 11, 2011

How To Make Sure 9/11 Never Happens Again

 Like almost everyone else in our country and across the world, the main thing on my mind today has been the ten year anniversary of 9/11/2001. Remembering the horrible loss of life that so unexpectedly occurred in a blink of an eye on that fall morning that began like every other. But it didn't end like every other. Over 2900 people died that day. And no one felt safe in their own homes.

So today I say:
I am so sorry for your loss to those families who lost loved ones ten years ago.

I say thank you to the firefighters who ran to all three scenes, and lost their lives trying to save others.

I say thank you to those firefighters who made it out alive. And I am sorry you have a horrible image that only one who was up close that day knows of, that comes into your mind when you close your eyes every night.

Thank you to the police officers that went above and beyond their job duties to try to protect the people from an enemy they could not be prepared for.

I say thank you to our military who have been at war for ten years now. For those who have died, I owe a debt to your families I cannot repay. To those who have returned home, thank you for your sacrifice of time that you can never get back with your loved ones. I know many of you return with scars that cannot be seen on the outside, but run very deep.

But I have a message now that is only for the Church. If you serve King Jesus, the answer to the issue of how to stop the death and tragedy lies within you.

You see, we need to realize that the government cannot stop the terrorists.

The soldiers are not able to keep terrorists from being. They can do their very brave best to keep them from attacking us. And they will continue to die to keep you safe. But they cannot keep people from becoming terrorists.

The police officers can work with the government to try to make sure they enforce the laws, but they will mostly still just continue to clean up the messes the terrorists make.

The firefighters will continue to respond to the effects of terrorists, but they cannot stop them.

You CHURCH do have the only thing that can stop terrorists. The only thing that will keep someone from becoming a terrorist.

The life changing message of Christ, The Gospel. The Good News.

Only when we, as the church, step out of our safe comfort zone, and share the most powerful thing on this earth will there ever be a hope of there not being another atrocity like we experienced ten years ago.

Only Jesus' saving grace can stop someone from choosing to kill for darkness and turn them into a shining light that dispels darkness from the world.

So church, the first responders and the military are willing to do their part, what are you willing to do?

Chasing After Their Hearts,
Glenda Johnson

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