Monday, September 12, 2011


I am thinking a lot about my sister today. Not because I am really jealous because she is sitting under an umbrella in Hawaii, but because today is her birthday.
So today, I honor Lara.
I was five years old when she was born. I still remember her coming home from the hospital. It was actually really beneficial for me. You see, I had been an only child for so long, my parents wanted to make me still feel special. So, every time my sister got a gift, well by golly, I did too! It was AWESOME!!

It was interesting, as we grew up, we actually grew apart. The years that separated us made a huge difference, especially during the adolescent years. I was out of our family home at the age of 17, and she was only 12. We had already really drifted apart because I was an outdoors, animal person and, well, she wasn't. We were as different as any sisters could be.

I married and moved across the country. I saw her very occasionally. But, as I grew and matured, I knew family was important. When she was expecting my beautiful niece, who turned 22 three days ago,  and contracted preeclampsia, I got on a plane and took care of her. It was an awesome day when my niece was born beautiful and healthy. Although my sister was not the best labor and delivery patient! Hence, Alicia being an only child!

After Alicia was born we had more in common. I had three children and now that she was a mom, we had lots to bond over. Then something happened. I still am unsure exactly what caused it, maybe lack of communication, or a hurt feeling, but once again, we drifted apart. Barely speaking to one another. For years this went on.

Then as quickly as it happened, one day we were once again sharing life. And it has been beautiful ever since. My sister and I are VERY different. We look at life differently. We live life differently. And yet, we are so similar, sometimes it is scary.

We tend to get together a couple times a year just to have fun. I live in the southeast and she lives in the southwest, so we really have to sacrifice to make this happen.
People can always tell when we are getting ready for a meeting. Thing 1 (ME) and Thing 2 (LARA) appear on our Face Book profile pics. We also begin to talk in Dr. Seuss rhyme.  It is worth everything we have to do to make it happen. 

I love my sister very much. I will do ANYTHING to protect our relationship.
After all, who else would I go the beach with and entertain the idea of yelling  "Help!" simply because there is a new class of (very young) life guards training just yards away.

Or, who else would go with her to help celebrate my niece turning 21, and being able to embarrass my niece beyond anything Thing 2 could do alone.

Or who would she call when she is missing her husband who is in the Navy and stationed over seas?

Or who would I call when my husband is diagnosed with cancer and I am feeling scared.

As everyone knows there is no Thing 1 without a Thing 2.
I would say to any out there with a sister. It is a special relationship. Take care of it. Get over the little things. Love one another. It is so worth it!

I love you Lara, and I am glad you are my sister!

Chasing After Their Hearts,
Glenda Johnson

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