Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Fabulous Return To Simple

The thunder and lightening came rolling across the mountains.  The clouds began to pour out much needed rain on our dry mountain peaks and the valleys that surround them.

And then, the one thing we all dread; the power disappears with the latest crash of thunder. No lights. No internet. No stove.

Now what? The time to prepare dinner was rapidly approaching.  I had steak marinating, potatoes to cook and a veggie to serve.  I had 2 choices:

My husband thought I had lost my mind because it was raining. I explained that it was just "spitting" outside now, and we needed to get the charcoal started.

Out on the grill, as I put my cast iron skillet on the grill to cook the potatoes, and waited as the coals became just right for the steak, something amazing happened.

My entire family gathered outside, and we laughed, played football, loved on the dogs, and watched the the storm clouds and lightening in all its glory. No one asked to play a video game. No one commented on a television program. No one desired to use the computer. (Except me, because I needed to write my blog).
We were unplugged! And it was nice for the couple of hours that it continued. We got to have some family discussions on how this was really close to the way most meals would have been cooked many years ago. A simpler time in many aspects.The kids really were enjoying the change of pace.

Gathered together, cooking dinner together, made me yearn for more, less tech driven time with my family.  I will make that happen.  I will not wait for the lights to go out before our family makes a return to a simpler way of life, and just enjoys being together.Quite possibly french toast on the grill tomorrow morning...:)

Chasing After Their Hearts,
Glenda Johnson

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