Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What Did He Say?

Living in a new area and a new culture takes some getting used to. Somethings are more difficult than others to adjust to.

I have decided that I will continue to look for the positive things that make it wonderful to be in our new home.

While shopping at a new grocery store, I experienced something that I thought was long gone in our world today.

I had finished my shopping, and to be honest, I was a little exasperated. Finding items in a new store can be frustrating. Looking for the brands you are used to, figuring out  how the store sales work, it can just be overwhelming.

I walked up to the check out line, and had one person in front of me. The clerk was doing as much chatting with the customer as he did ringing up of groceries. Have to admit, I was a little irritated. After all, my time was being wasted. You see I had moved from an area in the east where everyone is at a fast run all the time!

This was unacceptable!

My turn FINALLY came, and the young man said, " How are you today?"
I just smiled a little with my head down as I continued to put my groceries on the belt. Where I came from, that is just a greeting by cashiers as they begin to check you out. An answer is NOT expected.

Then I noticed that this young man was not ringing me up yet. He was looking at me, now making eye contact. As I looked at him, he repeated, "How are you today?" And he waited for an answer.He really wanted to know.

I answered and then began a delightful conversation with this young man. You know, as much chatting as checking...

It was refreshing to have a young man, (17-22), who was polite and caring. He had obviously been raised in a home, and a culture where this type of behavior was emphasized and encouraged.  It was lovely, and made me glad to be living in this community.

As I walked away, he said, "Honey have a great rest of your day. Please come see us again real soon!" And he meant it.

I thought, he called me "honey", how sweet.

Then I realized, people, including me, tend to call older women "honey".....hmmmm...

Chasing After Their Hearts,
Glenda Johnson


  1. I'd rather have "honey" than ma'am or Mrs. Windsor. :D The latter makes me feel old, "honey" doesn't.

  2. Last year my brother moved from West Michigan to Austun, TX. He had to learn not to be in a hurry when he checked out. One of their first trips to the store they noticed people in front of them playing around and looking at things in the checkout lane. The cashier didn't seem to mind, but my brother, was antsy and wanted to keep things moving...what was wrong with these people; don't check out if you're not ready! He quickly figured out people in the south aren't in a hurry. Us northers could learn from that!

    I hope you're enjoying your new home! :)

  3. Great story. I'm glad the clerk was there to brighten your day! (My mom just turned me onto your blog and I'm enjoying it a lot!)

  4. Thanks Marissa! Glad to have you stopping by!