Saturday, September 10, 2011

I'd Like A Super Taco Please

Jack in the Box.
A childhood memory. A very GOOD childhood memory.

Not the toy, but the fast food restaurant. Oh how I long for a "super taco". Those aren't even on the menu anymore. They do still have tacos though. And the Jumbo Jack with cheese. Maybe the Ultimate Cheeseburger. And lest I forget, onion rings!!!

Depending on where you live, you might be thinking, "What's the big deal?'.

I have lived on the East Coast since 1987. The furthest east there is a Jack in the Box is St. Louis, Mo. Many, many, MANY years of it only being a very occasional treat when visiting AZ.I craved "super tacos" when I was pregnant. I loved, loved, LOVED that restaurant!

Thursday night, I came into ST. Louis about 11:00pm.

And there it was, the sign!
It was like an angelic choir began singing.

My husband smiled, and asked, "Do we stop?"

Now the dilemma.

I had already eaten.

It was late.

 To save money, we had packed food, for our trip so we would only have 1 meal out.

I have been working REALLY hard on losing weight' and this was NOT a health food stop.

Hubby asked again, "Do we stop?" After all, it IS the first stop we make after getting off the plane in Phoenix.

I realized I must depend on the return of discipline to get me through this moment.
So I said no. Keep driving.

Then we passed another. And another. AND ANOTHER! Actually five in total that I said "NO!" to, as we drove.

And it felt good.

A very close friend of mine and I came to a conclusion several years ago. Every issue we have, from the spiritual to the physical, has to do with discipline or lack thereof.

Money Issues- The discipline to not spend more than we make, and only make wise choices to get out of debt or not to incur debt.

Weight Issues- The discipline to not eat what is unhealthy, and over-eat, and to choose to make time for exercise.

Spiritual Issues- The discipline to read God's Word and pray daily, and trust and obey what we have read.

Housekeeping- The discipline to clean and pick up daily, sometimes hourly, or just as we see things that need to be handled instead of putting them off.

Raising Children- The discipline to be consistent, and present, and adhere to the biblical way of doing things when the world view is more popular and seems easier.

Discipline. For now, it is residing with me. No Jack in the  Box.


It will be what's for dinner tonight. But that is ONE meal, instead of what would have been 4 by now.

What in your life could change if you let discipline return, or show up for the very first time in that area?
 Your waistline, bank account, or even your eternity might just look very different!

"Simply let your "Yes, be yes", and your No, No." Anything beyond this comes from the evil one." Matthew 5:37 (NIV)

Give discipline a try.

Chasing After Their  Hearts,
Glenda Johnson


  1. Wow, I'm not sure I would have had the discipline to keep driving. Way to go! I like how you sum up discipline, great way to think of it!

  2. YES... YES.. YES... The super taco.. Where have you gone..?? Growing up my favorite meal was two super tacos and fries.. Unfortunately my mom wouldn't allow that meal more than once a month.. When I was old enough to make my own dining decisions, the super taco had morphed into the monster taco.. DAMN... The monster taco was nothing more than a larger version of the regular taco..

    Jack In The Box - Super Tacos with that excellent salsa.. Come Back.. Please for the love of all that is holy, Come Back..!!